Bad judgment

The profile paints a picture of an inexperienced pilot with poor proficiency who intentionally flies into a cloud in broad daylight. In short, it profiles a pilot whose ego writes checks his skills can’t cash. The role of the passenger may hold a key here. Most new pilots are justifiably proud of earning their wings and want to demonstrate their prowess to someone. This combination of ego and opportunity creates a condition that is conductive to bad judgement. When you throw weather into the equation it is a volatile mixture indeed. A situation (weather) that should breed a healthy respect, if not downright fear, in the new pilot somehow gets seen as another challenge to conquer when a friend is looking over your shoulder. This is a foolish and potentially fatal delusion. Even a proficient and experienced instrument-rated pilot has a healthy respect for flying in the weather, especially if the encounter is unexpected.
There are no easy answers to this challenge for general aviation pilots. On an individual level, perhaps fear is the key to good judgement. If you are not instrument-rated or even if you are and are not proficient, you should run away from clouds like you would a red-hot poker!

Foschia nella Pianura Padana



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